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The Sanctuary of Truth !!

Sancutary Of Truth Temple, Thailand By Martin Widlund Published by kirthika M

The Sanctuary of Truth also called Wang Boran, is a temple construction in Pattaya, Thailand. The sanctuary is an all-wood building filled with sculptures based on traditional Buddhist and Hindu motifs.

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The Northern Lights UK

A Photo by an amateur showing The Northern Lights (North East England)

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Don't worry, your iPhone is connected to the atomic clocks.

Atomic Clock FOCS-1 (Switzerland).
The primary frequency standard device, FOCS-1,
one of the most accurate devices for measuring time in the world
. It stands in a laboratory of the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology METAS in Bern.
    The US Naval Observatory is home to a set of incredibly precise atomic clocks that record America's official time.Its clocks are relied upon for a vast range of functions, from providing the time on your smartphone lock screen to keeping GPS satellites accurate in their calculations. The clocks, and the service they provide, are presided over by Dr. Demetrios Matsakis, chief scientist for the observatory's time services department. Matsakis describes their importance and operation in a video interview with The Atlantic.

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Not a joke, meet the seven people who hold the keys to worldwide internet security !

The Guardian
It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: seven keys, held by individuals from all over the world, that together control security at the core of the web. The reality is rather closer to The Office than The Matrix

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The Longest Train Ride in the World

The longest single uninterrupted train journey is  from Portugal (Porto) to Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh)  , a 17 000 km (10 566 mi) , with more than 300 hour or 13 days (time zone chages included ), it can cost you  between 2 000 USD and 3 400 USD for first class. 


He Had More Than Fifty Soul

Author : Marubi
Zog I, King of the Albanians or Ahmet Muhtar Zogolli (8 October 1895-9 April 1961) ,King of the Albanians (1 September 1928  – 7 April 1939) ,He survivded  55 assassination attempts during his reign.


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5 Of The Worst Possible Things That Could Ever Happen To You

Well Just for Fun ....

5 Of The Worst Possible Things That Could                                   Ever Happen To You

1. Making eye contact while on the toilet, or with someone who’s on the toilet

Someone I know, let’s call him my “uncle,” once scored a hot date, and took her to the Red Lobster. He, ever the gentleman, reverently removed his Lidz baseball cap, tucking it in his back pocket for safekeeping. The cheese biscuits basket and the conversation floweth over, and it was a franchised Eden up in there, until he took a sip of free ice water, which is, to some, a “trigger beverage.” Trying to appear unfazed, he politely excused himself to the restroom, did his business, and stood up, eager to rejoin his Eve in paradise. And then came The Fall: He reached for his back pocket, grasping for a hat that was no longer there. Whereas he’d assumed that ours was an ideal world in which shit always landed in the toilet bowl, this was no such world. Not anymore. In this hash new reality, his shit had instead landed in his forty-dollar hat, which had fallen into the toilet bowl. And so, surrounded on all sides by “call Gary for a gay time” graffiti, my brave “uncle” (okay, it really was my uncle) faced an age-old dilemma: Abandon ship and risk a rogue diner, a truth-seeker a la Sherlock Holmes or Jenny McCarthy, barreling through the white-clothed tables and endless shrimp, shouting with uncontainable urgency, “Which one of you shat in this hat?” or reach in and remove/clean the shit hat, avoiding the wrath of any such amateur Ed Snowden, but significantly increasing the risk of contracting salmonella (which, I might add, is always a risk at the Red Lobster).
In the style of Goosebumps: Choose Your Own Adventure, I’ll leave you there, but whichever path you choose for my uncle and wherever it may lead you two, I think we can all agree that only way things could’ve been made worse was if my uncle had, while taking this life-altering shit, made eye contact through the crack in the stall with someone; perhaps with a man dressed in head-to-toe khaki, a man with the eyebrows of Clint Eastwood and the beard of Jesus of Nazareth, a man not using these precious moments of near-solitude to wash his hands because what’s the point, but instead to gaze in the mirror past his own reflection and at the row of beige stall doors with an unsettling mix of disapproval and emptiness lurking behind his tired eyes—the eyes of a man who perhaps once had a soul, but who now does not.

2. Making a Holiday Mistake

Like the time I forgot it was Halloween and offered my precious subway seat to the dapper young fellow with a pimp cane. Like the time I then remembered it was Halloween and didn’t give any money to the legless beggar on the subway because my brain just assumed: costume.

3. Tripping in public

This isn’t about drugs, or being involved in slang-laden exchanges of the, “fool, you be trippin’” variety. You aren’t that cool; not by a baker’s dozen. What you are is a loser not in control of your own life, much less your ability to walk. What’s next, Knock Knees? Are you going to pull a tampon out of your purse when you meant to pull out a pen, as though all those years of reading Seventeen taught you nothing? Are you going to give said tampon to your writing-utensil-less crush anyway, insisting he keep it for “later use,” and then, some weeks later, in a miserable attempt at charming self-deprecation, post a poorly-drawn comic to your Tumblr creepily speculating as to what “later use” might entail? Are you going to finally meet the President and while you’re shaking his supernaturally soft hand accidentally let it slip that you cast a write-in for Mr. Clean in the last election because your vote wasn’t going to count in your state anyway and Mr. Clean looks like a socialist and therefore the kind of candidate who’d surely pass laws forgiving student loan debt and who’d set up an oppressive regime under which you feel certain you could write great, Kundera-esque novels? Are you going to henceforth avoid tampons, Air Force One landings, and ever going back to the place where you tripped (Subway Sandwiches) and also avoid, in both real life and social media, all of the people who saw you commit this unforgivable, sinful act, including the Sandwich Artist you went to high school with (why were you following him on Twitter anyway?), that old man you’d never seen before in your life, four grubby children of indeterminate genders, a mildewy cardboard cut-out of Jared Fogle, and also your own mother? Because you would do that, Wobbly-Legs-No-Control-Deserves-All-the-Bad-Things McGee. You would.

4. Accidentally clicking something you didn’t mean to click on Facebook

These days, with a little help from your old pals Mark Zuckerberg and the NSA, you can steal a peek at most anyone’s book of secrets and also photos of what they had for lunch (not naming names, but if you’re reading this, I hope your guts are okay because that’s seriously not how nachos are supposed to look). But unintentionally “Like” a photo of your ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s late, weirdly hot father snapped on an ill-fated Seniors Singles Cruise to Italy? And don’t realize what you’ve done until the next day when a friend sends a concerned text message asking if you’ve been “crassterbating” again (which is, of course, simultaneously crying and masturbating)? Okay, sure, and now who’s going down on a sinking ship of shame?

5. Having your entire worldview threatened

I was once “working” at an ESL summer camp, and for that day’s lesson, I distributed print-outs of a food pyramid, hastily located on Google Images, in which seafood and dairy were grouped together. As I stood before a blank whiteboard, orally pontificating about whole grains and trying to mentally will the new “food plate” out of existence because I couldn’t be bothered to learn a new system, I noticed that one child wasn’t exhibiting the same signs of boredom as the others. This child did not yawn, did not flick his Angry Birds eraser at the T.A.’s head, did not interrupt every two minutes with “Teacher, I need pee-pee.” Instead, he sat, grimacing at the handout, his eyes watering, his face scrunching up, appearing to desire to swallow itself. Appearing familiar. Appearing the way I must appear when I think about dysentery and starvation and AIDS and rape and oppressive regimes and legless beggars who can’t walk, much less trip, and all the truly terrible things that are truly happening in any given second to real people all around the world. And so I, ever the concerned teacher and human being, placed a figurative bookmark in my rousing lesson and asked this child what was wrong. After many agonizing seconds of waiting, me silently praying he wasn’t going to bring up, say, existentialism or war or a pervading fog of meaninglessness, all of these Important Questions to which I could provide no comforting answer—and praying too that he wasn’t going to vomit on/cry on/otherwise soil these handouts, as I really needed them for the next class—this poor, innocent child finally worked up the courage, despite an obvious fear of what the truth may be, to ask me if shrimp were made of milk.

It Can't Be Used Any More

Photo Source
Shredding companies actually can't recycle paper or make recycled cardboard more than 6 times, because after that, the fibers are too weak to hold together, so,.. three arrows pointing around in an endless just a lie .


Intel is Inside FC Barcelona

Image Source
Intel the semiconductor chip maker corporation, have signed a sponsorship deal with FC Barcelon, the computing company’s logo will appear on the inside of the football jersey, a pioneering initiative in the world of sports advertising. The world leaders (in their fields) are joining forces to share the values of innovation and good performance and keeping "Intel Inside", Inside ;)


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No I Won't Work For You "UPS"

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1976 United Parcel Service or UPS set up a shop in West germany, and with its "Brown Color", UPS had problems with recruiting employees because locals  still had fresh memories of the Nazi Party and his brown uniforms.UPS had to change the color to green.


The Story Behind USB Logo

The Universal Serial Bus or as know "USB" logo was inspired by Neptune's Trident, "...Although the trident before may symbolize power and authority, the USB trident is more commonly attributed to the technological ‘power’ one can get from attaching the USB to the computers and other devices...The shapes at the tip of the three-pronged spear (triangle, square and circle) in the USB logo are placed there to signify all the various peripherals that can be attached if the standard devices are used. It also denotes how interconnected the world has become, thanks to the technological innovations that the USB has imparted..."

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Queen Ants: Can Live Up To 30 Years

According to a published paper (April 17, 1998)  by Ramazan Cetintas about identifying  the insect species with the longest adult life, Black garden ant or The Lasius niger (Europe and in some parts of North America and Asia), has the longest recorded adult life of any insect: 28¾ years in captivity 

Ramazan Cetintas
Department of Entomology & Nematology
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL  32611-0620
April 17, 1998

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Adventures In Laser Science

An article by Helen Thompson ( @wwrfd )  republished By Sean Cowen on G+, I did enjoy reading the thing so don't miss it  :)

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France : The New Old Bridge.

Own work by up-loader (Wikipedia) ,
photographed at Musee Carnavalet
The famous river, the River Seine in Paris has many bridges  list of bridges List of bridges over the Seine, ironically, the oldest bridge across the river Seine is called Pont Neuf( French),  English: The New Brige constructed between 1578 and 1607 , the decision to build the bridge was made by King Henry III who laid its first stone in 1578.

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Longest Run Ever: 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 h, 32 min and 20.39 sec.

Yes that's real, Shizo Kanakuri is a  Japanese  marathon runner participated  during the marathon race in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, unexpectedly (suffering from problems Food,heat...) he quit the race and returned to Japan with telling or notifying race officials and he was considered missing for over 50 years.offering him an opportunity the Swedish television contacted him to complete the race and finish the run, He accepted and took the opportunity by completing the marathon in 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 20.379 seconds.

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The Monster: Joseph Stalin.

Joseph Stalin
In his death, Joseph Stalin spent thirteen (13) hours without receiving any medical assistance because they were afraid of him, even after his death ,confirmed by Yegor Kuzmich Ligachev in his memories (1996) :"The doctors were all scared stiff...They stared at him and shook. They had to examine him, but their hands were too shaky. To make it worse, the dentist took out his dentures, and dropped them by accident. He was so frightened..."

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Indian Women Hold More Gold Than The U.S. Federal Reserve.

11%  is what Indian Women hold of the world's gold and it's is estimated to be about 18,000 tonnes of Indian jewelry, in an other way They Hold  219 % of the total U.S. Federal Reserve.!!

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Lake Baikal: The Capacity of The Deepest Lake in The World

Lake Biakal Water Depth Map

Lake Biakal (in the south of the Russian region of Siberia) is the deepest scariest lake in the world, theoretically has enough water to cover the land area of earth in 6.072 (15.42 cm)inches of water.

Maths :

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The Domino's Pizza Logo

The logo consists of two red squares,
a blue rectangle, three white dots,
the registered trademark logo,
and the restaurant name.
Neither of them are original enough
to copyright protection.
the Domino's Pizza logo has 3 dots because that's is the number of stores they had in 1969 and they  intended to add dot for every store that would open. But unfortunately the business was growing quickly so they couldn't realize that otherwise they would put more than 69,000 Dot (Just the US), Ha Ha !!.

Humans Can Have More Than Two Nipples

The Geneva Foundation for
Medical Education
 and Research
It's related to what doctors call  "The Milk Lines " (appear in the sixth week of embryonic development) So Yes  It Is Possible  humans can have more than two nipples or have two of them but somewhere else on the milk lines .

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Battle of Marignano, Switzerland and eternal neutrality

Francis I Orders His Troops to Stop
Pursuing the Swiss, a Romantic 19th
century work by 
century work by Alexandre-Évariste
Fragonard(Galerie des Batailles, Palace of Versailles)
September 13 and 15, 1515 , a Battle took a place in what called today Melegnano (Milan, Italy), Between France and
Old Swiss Confederacy, as a result Old Swiss Confederacy  Lost the game  and swore eternal 

Japan, Fanta, 67 flavors !

Photo by
According to Wikipedia (Since 1958) Japan Has more than 60 flavors of Fanta .

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Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up... Roman Gladiators

Pollice Verso (1872), which popularized the
“thumbs down” gesture .
 It is owned by Phoenix Art Museum 
Romans (Roman spectators and Roman Emperors) did not have a thumbs down as a call for the death of the gladiator, however, they did have a thumbs up, which symbolized the death of the gladiator.

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"Ribbit" Is It What Frogs Say !!?

Photo By Gary Nafis 2005
And Yes, I'm 100 % sure that 99.99% of people think that "Ribbit" is what frogs say and definitely that's incorrect, in fact only one species of frog goes "Ribbit" it's called  the Pacific treefrog (Hyla regilla)  , Well thank you Hollywood  you did it ;) .

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